Beautiful Unusual Standard F1B Brown and White Parti and Solid Brown Pups

Breed: Cockapoo

Updated: 18th Nov 2018


We now have just one brown boy with a white chest available (18.11.2018).
Didlington Doodles are proud to announce the arrival on the 12th September of the most beautiful litter of F1B Standard Brown and White Parti Coloured and Solid Brown Cockapoo's. These pups will be larger than the regular CP's due to the addition of the Standard Poodle rather than the Miniature. We chose to breed this way due to our personal preference of the more laid back nature achieved with this mix.

Zita (Mum) is our lovely Standard Cockapoo (her Mum was a Standard Poodle and her Dad a Show Cocker) and Dad is our handsome boy Tux, a Brown and White Parti Coloured Standard Poodle whom we imported from the Czech Republic 3 years ago. Both Mum and Dad have wonderful kind and loving temperaments - they love everybody and everybody loves them! They both have excellent health testing results including hips, eyes and clear DNA tests.

The pups will mature to between 18" and 22" at the shoulder - about the size of a Labrador - so standard but not huge! They will have good low shedding coats, although they might not be suitable for those with allergies so if this is you do please discuss this with me, as allergies to dogs can be caused by all sorts of things, not just hair. 

All our pups are born and brought up in our home amongst the noise and chaos of our day to day life. They leave us well socialised, they meet lots of people and children, they are used to household noises i.e.: washing machines, hoovers, the TV etc. They meet our other dogs and our Cat, Mr Bo (who thinks he is a dog!) and they leave us happy, confident little bundles of fun! 

The pups will be ready to leave us at 8 weeks (approx 7th November). They will have been fully vet checked, microchipped, and will have had their first vaccination. Their puppy pack includes feed for about a week, insurance for one month, lots of goodies to help them settle into their new home, plus full care instructions. I spend time with each new owner going through everything they need to know about the day to day care of their pup. 

We are very careful that our pups go to the right homes so do be prepared to be asked lots of questions too! Cockapoo's are very sociable, human orientated dogs so they are not suitable for homes where they will be left alone for long period of time during the day. We also don't believe young pups are suitable for families with very young children unless the family is experienced with dogs and understand what to expect from a new puppy. 

We do have a Facebook page - 'Labradoodles, Didlington Doodles' - Do have a look. This will be  regularly updated with info, pics and video's of the pups. There is also a lot of information about us and our dogs on our website.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and if you would like any further information please get in touch - we are always delighted to talk about our dogs and pups!


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Born on / due:

12th Sep 2018






Breeder Info

Sarah Hunter-rodwell


Tel: 01547 530143 and 07776 304857

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