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Breed: Catalan Sheepdog

Updated: 10th Jan 2018


Four delightful puppies with the rare combination of a Catalan Sheepdog (sire) and a lurcher. The puppies parents have wonderful temperaments and look remarkably similar to each other only the lurcher is flat-coated. They are both knee-height, intelligent and wonderfully sociable with people. 

The puppies are already really well socialised. They have been keep in a small back hall which opens out into our kitchen which means that the mother has been able to come and go when she wants, feed them in peace and also feel she is still part of the family. The puppies in their turn have been able to see what is going on and we've been able to keep a regular check on them. 

They have just reached the stage where they are playing with each and love coming out into the kitchen for an explore. Since we run a busy bed & breakfast and have had family staying over Christmas they are used to being handled by all ages including youngsters. They are well socialised and already know the sound of a hoover!


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Born on / due:

11th Dec 2017


Catalan Sheepdog




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Melanie Cable-alexander


Tel: 07950377571

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