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Hi my name is Tracy and we live in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire.  My passion for British Shorthairs started back in 2001 when I fell in love with my first British Shorthair.  In 2005 I began breeding my own lines after seeking lots of advice and knowledge from other breeders.  It is really a big thank you to them, my partner David and my children Georgina, Oliver and Edward that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by British Shorthairs today.  With David building my cattery and dealing with my numerous requests for a shelf here, there and everywhere, my daughter for giving the kittens lots of playtime and snuggles ensuring the kittens leave for their new homes confident and friendly.

I am a registered Breeder with the GCCF under the Prefix PawsandClaws I am also a member of the Southern British Shorthair Cat Club.  Being a GCCF registered breeder ensures that my lines are pure and regulated.

The colours we breed are blue, lilac, black silver tabby, blue or silver shaded and black tipped.  We are also working on a colourpointed lines but are yet to take this line to the show bench.

Every now and then when we are forwarding our lines we have selected kittens for sale and we guarantee pure pedigree kittens which are registered with the GCCF or TICA under our PawsandPurrs prefix (see our PawsandPurrs website for details).  Our lines have many Champions in them and we strive to attain a friendly natured kitten of a stocky build and striking eye colour.  Our kittens are used to children, other cats and household noises.

Thanks :-)

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