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We are a small hobby breeder of these truly wonderful hybrid cats - Savannahs & Chausies. As part of our breeding plan, we look to improve and promote the breeds. We also attend and show our cats at TICA shows, all across the UK, Europe and have even ventured as far as the USA to show our cats. We love to show our Savannahs and Chausies and we have had some amazing success. In the last few years, our cats have been awarded the following titles, The Best Savannah Kitten in the World, The Best Savannah Cat in the World, The Best Chausie Kitten in the World and The Best Chausie Cat in the World. We have also been awarded The Best Savannah in Western Europe, every year, since the Savannah gained championship status. All of our cats have good pedigrees, are registered on the Active register, are vetted regular, handled daily and we have a screening programme in place to ensure the health of all of our cats and kittens. All our cats are in the best of health and kept in good hygienic accommodation, allowing exercise and play.

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