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Really proud Quill our first charity dog is just about to pass out and be a  Community dog. Simon and Poppy her parents made a wonderful puppy.

Her she is in the charity’s 30th celebration photo.

This is our last litter, which after helping around 30 people with disabilities,autism and many happy families, we feel the time has come to stop breeding.I am a hobby breeder and having a litter takes up many hours, the pass year I have seen an influx of Cockapoos and heard many distressing stories from people who have purchased from a Puppy farm or fronted Home. I hear stories that they have bought these puppies and they have deformed legs or serious health issues. People buy F1b or F1bb thinking they have a Cockapoo it really isn’t, genetically is is what ever it has been put back to hence the “b” stands for back 

As with pure breeds they have the kennel club the Cockapoo hybrid has no governing body so people can breed without health testing or the biggest temperament. Most of what people read regarding Cockapoos to me isn’t relevant to the breed. 

I feel everyone looking for a dog deserves the right dog as the dog deserves the right home 

 My three children  have grown up with dogs as now are my four small grandchildren,I believe they have  and will benefited from learning to respect love and care for a loyal companion/ their best friend.

We had WSD and German shepherds while the children were small and I competed in Agility at a high standard, this gave me a good foundation in the obedience and training side of dogs. I then needed major surgery which would lay me up for the next six months,  I needed a companion and our friends had a litter of Cockapoos whom they had the mother and the mothers mother etc and their friends the toy poodle side,  so our first cockapoo arrived 12 plus years ago.

They have become an extended part of our family, from one Cockapoo we now have five.They have the most amazing temperaments,they will run along the side of the pony when out hacking or lay on the sofa next to me which they did after a second surgery.

Four years ago I got  accepted  by the Charity Dogs for Good we are very proud that we are on donating our second puppy to this wonderful charity and this year.

Our first puppy Quill will pass out later 2017 with our second puppy Ella a beautiful F2 Merle Cockapoo being the charity sponsor puppy this Autumn 

There is nothing better than on a cold winters day to walk then come home and snuggle up surrounded by love and warmth of our Cockapoos 

I am a firm believer you get out what you put in. Our litter five  years ago we kept Simon, we still have his mother, daughter and granddaughter, Simon had three litters with Poppy and from them we have now helped over 25 children and adults with disabilities, many went to famlies who had never owned a dog before they phoned to ask questions but all say the puppies have grown into loving family pets. Simon was castrated last year as we felt he done he's bit, Simon now has a job !

Being a hybrid they come in different varieties. With a smooth coat  a medium length coat which has a slight wave to it but a dense undercoat,a medium coat no undercoat and what is classified as the traditional Cockapoo coat dense sheep / teddy bear type.

The smooth coat moults and the dogs look more spaniel, the medium coat you get the odd shredding of hair and easier to maintain, the dense curly coat very poodle harder to maintain, less shedding but collects lots of dust requires a lot of maintenance as adult dogs.

These dogs do require a garden and not suitable for being left for long periods of time.

Over the pass few years we have had puppies help 30 autistic children and children with disabilities , a lady with ocd, many ladies who have lost their life partners and many just loving family pets. I try really hard to team up puppies with their families, and encourage families to meet us before puppies are born, I like to make a special effort with puppy baskets and hopefully supply everything for your first couple of weeks. These Cockapoos are part of our family, if I can give to others what we feel then I will feel that I have achieved a small goal in my life. These dogs are unique and I feel privileged to have met some wonderful people /friends through my Cockapoos 


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