Hi all - We are a small breeder located in South Lanarkshire. We have bred boerboels for many years in South Africa. Since we returned from South Africa back to the UK, we have acquired eight Dogs into our breeding program. We do not do many breedings, but rather two planned breedings every eighteen months or so. The reason we have seven females is purely so as not to cause too much breeding stress to the females. We would minimise the amount of times the girls get bred, meaning there would be at least 24 months between breedings. I have worked very hard to make sure I have the best of breeding stock. I have seven females and three males. I also have alot of males and semen available from outside my own breeding program. All my dogs are maintaned to a very high standard with regards to nutrition and housing, they all have Thermal insulated kennels and runs - their kennels are all climate controlled. I have no objections to any visits and checks. We do not treat our dogs as kennel dogs they all get their chances to spend a couple of nights a week in the house with the family and kids. all our dogs are socialised with chilldren and adults. The gang is allways happy to visitors, so if you are interested in a pup, or just want an idea of how we house feed and keep our dogs please feel free to drop us aline and arrange a kennel visit. All our dogs are health checked and DNA BIGS tested for heriditory ailments.

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