Mrs Natasha Terry

Hi, our name is TITAN AKITAS. We purchased an American Akita a few years ago. We have never looked back since. We are great animal lovers and also own horses and cats. We are also family orientated. We adore our animals and our dogs live at home with us and also sleep with us. Out of all the dogs we have loved and lost, the Akita is the best. They have fantastic temprements and are extremely loyal and are family members. My children adore them as do my husband and I. I would never own another dog apart from the Akita. They are very easy to train, they do not chew up everything in sight, they are extremely loyal and want to be with you constantly. However, they are also great guard dogs and protect the home. They are great with children and other pets and travel easy, walk by your side easily and are all round fantastic dogs. I highly recommend an Akita to any serious dog lover.

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