Lisa Loftus

Holly as been part of the family for the last few years, she is my first Vizsla and will not be my last, I am a Vizsla owner now, through and through. My girl is a major part of the family and loved enormously by my children, she spends her time running around the woods with my other dog ( a labrador). Vizslas work there way straight to your heart, and are so unlike other dogs I have known and owned! Holly comes from an excellent pedigree line of Russetmantle, Galfrid, Gardenway and Ponsonby. I took a long time to reach the decision to breed her, when I finally came to the conclusion that it would be huge mistake not to, this girl has so much to offer to the breed! This said I then had to find a sire who I felt was as equally beneficial to the breed, I believe I found him. His offspring have won best puppy in breed over the last couple of years.

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