Marianne Le Coyte

I was first introduced to Labradoodles five years ago, my cousin George has asthma and my Aunt Jane, looking for a dog with a low shedding coat, came across the lesser known breed of the Labradoodle, after researching the breed thoroughly she purchased Doodles a first generation bitch to be her new family pet; having been brought up with dogs my entire life, I have always been an animal lover, but this dog was different: so placid and calm. After two years Jane decided to breed Doodles, nine weeks passed and ten beautiful healthy pups were born, rather alot for a first time mum to cope with, thus I volunteered to help out! Eight weeks later after many sleepless nights on the sofa and mornings spent bottle feeding, the pups were all ready to set off with their new families, all except one, Tallulah: I had become particularly attached to this puppy and named her Tallulah after the character from Bugsy Malone, little did I know that she would be my thank you for looking after the puppies and a 21st birthday present, thus my love for Labradoodles began

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