German Shorthaired Pointers - Vizslas

We have 3 outstanding health tested GSP and Hungarian Vizsla stud dogs. We only breed a litter of our own puppies occasionally as a hobby to keep one ourselves. Our dogs are primarily farm pets but we do work them and they do compete in trials/showing so they are not gunshot/fireworks noise shy or timid with judges/Vets handling them. Our dogs spend most of the daytime outdoors in the fresh air roaming free displaying natural pack behaviour in our fields in all weathers and love to meet and greet our visitors and are well trained/socialised.
We adhere to animal welfare guidelines appropriate for working type gundogs. We use a stud contract and insist you use a comprehensive puppy sale contract and vaccinate/microchip your litter before rehoming them at around age 8-16 weeks. We give extensive advice on healthtesting your bitch and caring for your breeding bitch prior to mating right through until after the puppies leave home and have always avoided giving a stud to large scale commercial pethome breeders. We will only assist you to breed a bitch between age 2-7yrs normally up to 3x aiming to produce small quality litters from one mating.

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