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We have relocated to Marlow in Buckinghamshire. We have two pyrenean mountain dogs - they are family pets, Milly has been with us since she was a tiny puppy at 7 weeks old. Max has been with us for 2 1/2 years as he came to us as a rescue dog as his previous owner has died and her partner was unable to give Max all the love that he needed as he had to move in with his son and did not have the space for him. He was very sad and unhappy when we first got him and took about 3 months to realise he was here to stay - he is now one very happy (lazy!!!) dog who loves nothing better than just lying at you feet all day long be it the office or home!!! Both dogs have beautiful natures. The puppies that are advertised are Millys third litter and is a wonderful Mum.Puppies have had been bottle fed as well as suckling off mum ( still suckling off Mum) but as large litter to help Milly decided better for puppies to have a top up with bottle from a day old. So puppies are well used to being handled Puppies are being brought up in a typically normal family home - kids, cats, other dogs and lots of noise, chaos and visitors. Prior to getting pyreneans we had retrievers (rescues) unfortunately our last retriever was run over and we didn`t want to replace her so we discovered Pyreneans - very similar to retriever - lovely natures - females can look very similar to retrievers with their mouth shapes - males tend to have a broader mouth. The great think is unlike some other large breeds they don`t dribble or drool ( the males tend to if they see a particularly tasty morsel - but not continual like newfoundlands etc) A wonderful breed of dog - great family pets - very gentle but obviously on the large size - like walks but like most large breeds need less than smaller dogs - really just love human company. Do have a loud bark and will let you know someone is at the door! They are a pastoral breed so are used to protect flocks of goats and sheep in the pyreneans but are not guard dogs as they want to protect rather than get into a fight.

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