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Westeros Bengals is a small-scale hobby cattery.  This enables us to offer the very highest standard of care and attention to our cats.  With only two Queens and our Stud boy, our cats get to enjoy a close, interactive relationship with us. 

Our cats are fed a mainly raw diet, which we believe is more in keeping with how cats would naturally feed.  This shows in the quality and softness of their fur, their beautiful large bright eyes and in their temperament too.  

We absolutely love Bengals and cannot think of a better pet to keep you entertained, amused and engaged. 

Bengals have such striking personalities, - no two Bengals are the same, however, what they all seem to have in common, is an ability to keep you in awe of their numerous antics and prowess;  whether it is demanding you play throw and fetch ball games for hours on end; to taking a quick sneaky ride on your back whenever you bend down; doing back flips during play; or even letting you know their displeasure via cat talk.  The list of things they do to keep you entertained and make you laugh are endless.  

We are so passionate about Bengal cats that we are now on a mission to work with them and hopefully spread the word about this fantastic breed. 

When one of our Bengals had her first kitten I began questioning how I would part with her.  Kittens are always difficult to part with because you harbour similar  worries being a fur baby mum as you do with your non-fur babies offsprings.  We therefore have high expectations of our kittens finding good loving homes that can cater for their needs.  

It will certainly be a learning curve as we progress onto becoming responsible, ethical and considerate breeder of these beautiful and delightful cats.  I hope to attract like-minded people who share a similar level of passion, care and commitment to this breed along the way.   

We are TICA registered and offer two services: 

Kittens:  Our kittens are re-homed at a minimum age of 12 weeks

Stud:  Our stud cat, Jon-Snow is available for studding duties through booking


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