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Most people will know me from my Wonderful Pomeranian and Jack Russell Terrier puppies, as I have bred dogs since 1985. I am a licensed breeder and In 2006 I became a kennel club Assured breeder for Pomeranians and i give each of my puppies and kittens the same excellent service. I then discovered in 2010 the most stunningly beautiful Maine Coon Cats, with wonderful personalities and characters. Bella and Silva are the greatest cats I have ever met. I had always owned good old reliable moggies, but it is true that you dont ever own a Maine Coon, they own you and it can be contagious, you may not stop at sharing your home with just one. In 2012 I rescued Adecilo Starshine Bluey (Blue), he was 18 months old and clearly loved my his owner, but I dont think that she really understood what she was letting herself into, taking on an Entire, as an indoor cat, it must have been very difficult for her. He arrived in a very poor state, full of mats and childrens sweets stuck to his coat. He was so laid back, even though I was a complete stranger to him, he allowed me to bath him and use clippers to remove the really bad knots. He now has his own house, his ladies keep him in his place and he adores the company. We decided that we would keep him as an Entire and on the active register, has he has champion relatives, possibly siblings and hopefully when Blues coat has settled down he too can be seen in the show ring. All my cats are kept as pets and I take pride in my service for my kittens and puppies. My breeding programme allows for my cats to only have one litter a year and I do not let a litter fall for Christmas time. I also watch the kitten market, so that should there be a lot of my breed, I will wait for another season. My Kittens are brought up in the home environment around people and well socialised with people, household noises, dogs and other cats. I have pictures of previous litters, and letters from many happy new owners, I put 100 percent into rearing and the after care of all my little ones to ensure they have an excellent start and the best possible homes. They are fully vaccinated and micro chipped before they leave me and come with a complete Supreme kitten pack, all included in the price. I am happy to take names before litters have arrived, so that my kittens have loving homes even before they are born. If you need to contact me over a weekend please ring the land line and leave a message, I will ring you back. Please let me know if you are interested, if you want to be added to my list of potential owners then please say, and I am happy to answer any questions Many thanks for taking time to look

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