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I am a small hobby breeder of Burmilla, Asian and British Shorthair cats, based on the South Coast, in Southampton. Our cats are part of our family. Breeding Asians and Burmillas was a new venture for us in 2008, and we were lucky enough to have 2 stunning litters. We will hopefully have another litter of silver Burmillas later in 2009. Our Burmilla queen (Rose) is a silver brown shaded and our Asian queen (Alfie) (pictured right) is a silver black ticked tabby. Our Blue British Shorthair queen, Phoebe, will hopefully have her 2nd litter of Blue kittens by the end of June 2009. Pictures of our cats are in "Gallery", including pictures of our Burmese (recently neutered) with her 2007 litter. We hope to breed Burmese again in the future.

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