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Hi, We are a small hobby cattery in London with a wonderful lilac Burmese queen. She is an lovely member of our family, just like her kittens are raised in our living room among us to grow up as extremely friendly, loveable pets to go to their new home. I have been breeding burmese cats for ten years, when I fell in love with this adorable breed. My cat is from Poland and her boyfriend is a Hungarian breed sable brown tomcat. Burmese cats are very elegant, slim cats, usually medium sized cats. They have great affection towards people, as they enjoy life within a family. They hang on their owner with a dogs loyalty and are always ready for any kind of fun. They get along well with other cat breeds or other animals and love bustling environment. Lovely chaming pets, I can recommend to each family! We are planning kittens in the autumn. They will be ready to take just a bit before Xmas! What a great Xmas present for yourself!

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