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8e have been breeding Birman cats for over 29 years, and siberian cats for over 12 years,& now have some fabulous Siberian cats as well. The siberians are often suitable for people that are otherwise allergic to many breeds of cat.Most of our kittens are booked within 6 weeks of birth, so please do contact us and visit to see the kittens at an early stage. we do have a controlled enviroment for allergy sufferers to meet a siberian adult and see if any symptoms occur, there is a charge of £35 for this, as we use premises away from other animals, and employ a cleaning firm to remove hair between visits. the allergy sitting takes approx 1-2 hours, and light refreshments are supplied. All our cats are home reared and have full health check prior to vaccinations, , at the Skeldale vet practice before their new owners take them home. we register and insure our kittens as well.please phone us for additional information,or email [email protected]

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