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My name is Susan Chant & I live with my partner Julian & son James. We live in a village called Semington in Wiltshire which we moved into during February 2002. One of the reasons we moved was not only to have more room, but we have now finished a loverly cattery and run. So now all the cats can enjoy going outdoors in safety and have another outlook on life and get some fresh air. As well as the cats I have a finnish Spitz (dog) who we used to show, not any more as we show cats, Elsa was top bitch in 2002-03. Elsa gets on well with the cats and kittens and thinks nothing of it if they take over her bed. The floor is just as comfy! I have always had a cat throughout my life and had two Maine coons as stable cats who, with their great temperament, got me hooked! Please browse though my website and do contact me if you would like any more information.

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