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MOLLY is a Beautiful Seal point Birman and she has been mated to Dareios who is a Handsome Blue Birman belonging to Sue and Pete. The kittens were born 30th April 2016. We have a lovely seal point boy and chocolate girl. This is her third litter. I am retired and have plenty of time to look after our pets. We have adult  Birmans. They are both  pets and they live in our home with us. The Kittens  are adorable. They are cuddly, inquisitive & very good company. We  give them lots of attention. They are socialized with children. The stud does not live with us. We go to our friends Sue and Pete White Bluducati Birmans see their website. All the kittens are  on the non active register- they will be for pets only. We are conscious of inbreeding problems & therefore Sue & Pete White stud is from abroad to reduce genetic inbreeding problems.

They are vaccinated and insured and leave with a goody bag of baby book, toys and food. 

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