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We wish to breed for quality and temperament above all else as we have young children and believe this is important especially when choosing a new member of any family. We have three brown spotted girls with exceptionally glittered coats. The girls are bred from champion bloodlines including Glitterglam, Typhast, Gogees, Corsican and Llandar. The other girls are my homebred snow spotted girl and my homebred brown marble girl. All our cats carry spots and most of them carry snow. Our aim is to produce beautiful rosetted, marbled and highly glittered kittens which closely resemble their wild ancestors looks but have the loving, gentle and playful nature of most domestic cats. We have bred two stunning stud boys one a marble and one a rosetted boy who has great type, size and markings. All of their kittens seem to carry donuts which is amazingly wild looing. All our Queens are cared for as part of the family in our home and our children have named them all, although they do have access to outdoor play areas which my husband has lovingly built.

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