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Our aim here is to breed good quality healthy puppies whether they are newfis or labs and settle them into quality loving family homes, giving them and their new families as much support, information and help as we can. Why Choose Us? Firstly I guess I should tell you about us. We are those kind of people that throw their hearts and souls into what we do. After our first 3 dogs we bought a boarding kennels. Most people would be satisfied with a few dogs but we loved ours so much we wanted to love everyone elses just as much. It also provided us with the space to install a hydrotherapy pool, which we knew Sema our first hip dysplasic dog would need in the future. We had searched everywhere to find one locally and came up empty, so what started as just for our dogs expanded into a new part of our business, helping other dogs in a far worse position than Sema. I urge you to read their stories on our Simplysema website and then you will realise how much our boys and girls have taught us and how we can share this with you so you can share and build your lives with a new best friend. We dont profess to know everything about dogs, but we feel we have a comprehensive knowledge and with our entire lives being consumed by all things canine and feline we are adding to that everyday. We therefore can say with confidence that we understand dogs. It is this that puts us in the position to say, come talk to us and we will help you find the right puppy for you and your family & we will support you through their lives and yours and hopefully help them to a ripe old age. All those families that take one of puppies into their homes get preferential rates on food boarding swimming and any for the other services we offer.

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