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Glendream is a small and select in house kennel based in Angus, Scotland. Our dogs are pets first and foremost and our passion for Health and Temperament enforces the ethos of our breeding. Our Cockapoos are from the very best of bloodlines, bred for health, temperament and outstanding quality of type. Specialising in breeding the highest quality Cockapoos, bred from fully health screened parents our Cockapoos come in Black, Chocolate, Chocolate Parti, Gold and Cream. In addition to our Cockapoos we also breed Cavapoos and from time to time, Cairn Terriers. ALL of our breeding stock have undergone the full relevant health tests before being bred from and we only ever breed from dogs with satisfactory results. There is an awful lot more to good dog breeding than playing happy families and we strive to produce healthy, happy dogs that make fantastic family pets. Please ensure the breeder you select is health testing their breeding stock, no matter what breed of dog. There is health testing that should be done to ensure the genetic soundness, as much as possible, of the puppy you are purchasing and the genetic health of the parent dogs used. Its quite simple, There is NO EXCUSE for breeders not to health test their breeding stock. Inquire as to why they are breeding and make sure you feel comfortable with their knowledge and ask about temperament, health, grooming and routine care of their breeds. FREE help and breed advice given on our breeds. PUPPIES SOMETIMES AVAILABLE TO FOREVER HOMES

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