Norma Whicker

Border Collies

I have been breeding border collies for twelve years.I have always wanted to breed healthy fit lively dogs who remained fit for their entire life.i have three 12 year olds who run around like they are 3yr olds and have never been ill. all my dogs are healthy which saves a lot on vet fees. many of the dogs bred by me are competing in top KC competitions,they are attractive,excellant conformation,loveable,get on with other dogs and are great with children. I have been into dogs for over 20 yrs. i used to compete in obedience competitions and would often work 6 dogs in a show-winning many 1st places and also being placed upto 6th position. unfortunately my health made me give up competitions-but i do have a lovely male collie i hope to show soon. I originally come from London and was born in London in Fleet Street within the sound of Bow Bells which makes me a cockney. however i had many holidays with my dogs in my motorhome and finally have travelled gradually upwards north till reaching the highlands and settling in Carron

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