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I have been breeding and showing Newfoundlands for many years now and pride myself on breeding healthy happy and wonderfull temprements, along with a nice head and short muzel my dogs are bred from my foundation bitch Karazan breeding and still try to produce this type of newfi with all mt stok having American lines in them most have Karazan and pouchcove behinde them, I also found the itroduction of the well known British Seafar breeding to be a great advantage to my own line. All my dogs are health sceend for any hereditory problems and only healthy dogs are bred from, puppies are sometimes available to cearing homes if you are interested please give me a ring or Email for more info.I would like to mention that i am not a accredeted breeder only becouse i do and have done all the health checks on my dogs and only the ones with good health are bred from so although i do everything and proberbly more than required i see no reason to pay the kennel club extra for doing it,this is no reflection on my breeding or on other accredited breeders,just personal choice. all puppies have copies of perants health screening to go with them.

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