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We have a very special litter of 10 carefully bred F2B labradoodle pups 5 black boys 1 black girls and 4 cream girls We have a mix of coats some will be curly and some will be soft wavy fleece coated Mum is our gorgeous F2 Black silver Labradoodle who has the most gentle laid back affectionate nature Dad is a gorgeous creamdoodle called Teddy who is same gentle nature to mum and everyone who meets them falls in love with them Both dogs are fantastic with children and other dogs so these pups are starting from the best parentage ever Without a doubt they should all have exceptional temperaments They will be ready to go to their new homes as from 7th January The puppies are being brought up in our family home amongst all the noise and chaos with lots of children and usual family racket going on around them Our puppies will be well socialized and will have travelled in the car before leaving us This means that they leave us confident happy bundles of mischief They will leave with health check puppy pack blanket with mums scent on it to help them settle in quickly The waiting list for these pups is now open so do contact us for further information and pictures We are always happy to answer any questions and help you decide whether a labradoodle is right for you We do ask a few questions ourselves to make sure you can offer a suitable home to one of our pups Because labradoodles are very sociable dogs and love to be with you as much as possible we do not let our pups go to homes where they will be left at home alone for long periods of time whilst everyone is out at work Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing from you

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