Steven Brown

Shar Peis

ONCE UPON A TIME I came across this wonderful breed(The SHAR-PEI)and I instantly fell in love,but the time wasnt right then,But now Iam the proud owner of this fantastic breed,and as any Sharpei owner knows once you have your first Sharpei the rest will soon follow. So here Iam an up and coming Shar-pei breeder our dogs are loved and brought up in a loving sometimes crazy enviroment which in turn has made them fun loving and lovable to everyone infact to sum them up i would say they are GREAT BIG SOAP SUDS (Shhh dont tell them i said that) (LITTER due may 12 ENQUIRES WELCOME) OVER TWENTY YEARS EXPERIENCE BREEDING CHAMPION SHAR PEI. TRUST US FOR A TOP QUALITY PUPPY TEL 01415636331 MOBILE 07863549225

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