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We are a TICA registered, hobby breeder of pedigree Savannah Cats. We have about ten years experience of raising strong, healthy and well socialised kittens. We currently have two Savannah Queens and a Princess who will enter our breeding program this autumn. We have a brown spotted, a silver spotted and a snow Savannah variant, first generation. All of our cats come from well established breeders with excellent pedigree lines. Our kittens will be sold registered with TICA, wormed, vaccinated and micro chipped. Our Queens are segregated from our other cats when birth is imminent. They have a separate, heated room to give them peace and quiet during the birth of their litter. We also have a thermostatically controlled heat pad under the kittens from birth until they are mobile. Our Queens will not be allowed to have more than two litters per year, as we like them to be in prime condition at the time of mating to reduce the possibility of pregnancy complications, and ensure that the kittens are born healthy strong and well developed. Our future plans include adding a stud male to our collection and breeding snow Savannahs through selective breeding.

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