Miss N.j.hamlin

German Shorthaired Pointers

I got my first GSP in 1990 and have been hooked on the breed ever since. I am on the "B" list for judging the breed and am also the sec. for my local ring craft club. I work all my dogs throughout the shooting season. My dogs are also used often at breed seminars,Discover dogs at Crufts and Earls court and the CLA game fair as they all have such wonderful natures and don`t mind being prodded and poked all day.This year we will also be representing the breed at Discover HPRs at Loton Park. I used to show my dogs and have had quite a lot of success,both Bart and Bisto won their classes at Crufts last year but I now prefer the working side of things. Two of my dogs Boo and Bisto are also qualified P.A.T. dogs.

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