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This boy is KC registered, handsome, healthy and suitable for breeding, showing or keeping a a pet.

He's tall, very fluffy, easy to train, intelligent and affectionate. He's a joy to be with and go out.
I'm a breeder that have been raised with Samoyeds and can't imagine any other breed for 4 reasons:

they are healthy

they are interactive and expressive vocally.

they always smell good, even wet fur

they are happy and smiling all their lives.

My dogs and pups are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally and I give guarantees. I also give a lot of support to raise a healthy pup, later a dog, and it's valuable to you. My references and recommendations are simply visible online.

I came from a family with 40 years of experience of breeding Samoyeds and they are all raised at home. I own 2 bitches at the moment. Please call 07772200290 with all your questions.


Some more information for you:)

Dear Samoyed lovers.

I’ve received many calls, texts and e-mails about puppies and I feel that Sammies are becoming more popular in the UK.  However, there still lot of misinformation about them scattered all over the internet, even some on the Kennel club site, so I decided to share my best experience about this breed and their psyche, how they tick and how to bring them up, for a balanced and harmonious life, and to enjoy your lives with your dogs.

Kennel club about Samoyeds: “Grooming every day; you need a large house and spend more then 2 hours a day walking”.   Not quite right. They prefer a big, kind heart rather that a large house. Very uncomfortably, but I had to say ‘no’ to nice people in flats: Sammies need a garden ( being an active breed!). Walking depends on how much time you have ( your garden becomes a playground and very handy).  A morning and an evening walk off the lead is usual like any other active breed. Or a short walk in the morning and longer in the evening- the botom line is: the new member of the family follows your routine, intergrates into your lifestyle and –the best thing- helps you with your fitness, keeps you healthy (walking is a great exercise and being in the nature clears your mind, energises you too).

Many people: “they need a lot of time, socialisation, exercise, bathing and training.” Not more than we can give them. Bathing is once a year.

One police woman: “ they can be trained to protect their homes.” No-no-no. Sammies will ‘tell’ you that someone is by the door. God, they love people and get on with everybody- a huge plus! Everybody loves them for being beautiful and fluffy, smelling good (no dog smell in your home), being hyperallergenic, being interactive and vocal dogs and express their emotions (howling), being a healthy breed and very intelligent, easy to train.

Let’s look at what formed Samoyed genes.

One of the oldest breeds (they say over 3000 years old), Samoyeds are natives to Russia and Siberia. They lived and worked in extreme conditions alongside humans and their responsible ‘jobs’ had been:

-to pull heavy sledges with people (travelling tribes) for long distances.

-to hunt with humans (bear, walrus)

-to care for children in their parent’s absence.

-to keep their family warm at night.

-to herd reindeers.

Thanks to all these responsible tasks, Sammies had become valuable members of families and happy/always ready to serve humans.Perhaps, they had learnt a lot from humans too.

In 1889 British zoologist Ernest Kilburn-Scott spent 3 months with native tribes and brought 3 dogs into the UK. They evolved a lot in 129 years.

 First Arctic explorers used Sammies for many jobs. It was the Sammies that reached the Pole first, not the men, as they pull the sledges with them!

 Having spent more than 3 thousand years working with people, Sammies won their right to live alongside humans and be a proper member of the family, like a son or a daughter; team member or a pal; definitely a companion. Therefore, they need and want to be with humans taking part in your daily activities: want to get some milk from a local shop with you, come with you to post the letter, go about anywhere, or watch TV together or snooze in one room-they want to be with you without being ‘in your face’: they are an independent breed as well and will give you plenty of ‘space’ and time off.  Sammies will suffer on a chain or in a cage (have seen other breeds too) as they need to roam freely around the house and garden: it keeps them exercised. They sleep everywhere and don’t need fancy bedding. They will suffer being locked in a utility room hearing voices in another room: they want to serve you and be around you. There’s a wonderful combination of being strong-willed and ready to serve you! It’s not hard to channel it in the right direction to enjoy being with them.


You can train them yourself from a puppy using your own chosen words. It takes a second or two for a Sammie to react to your command; they are thinking about what you said and to obey or not (smarty pants). There’s no need to shout or hurt the dog or use common words: heel, etc. just enough to tell the dog what you expect from him/her and be persistent. You are in charge and your dog will respect that. I use words on walks like: ‘this way, let’s go, let’s wait, stop, don’t pull mummy’, etc. Sammies understand both words and your emotions. They won’t be good as police dogs as they also find repetitive command boring (Shepherds are better). I love this video for training tips:

Love for humans.

Sammies are drawn to people and can be ‘chatty’; I often have to explain that they are friendly and just show their affection to you but not want to bite you. Barking is their talk. It puts smiles on their faces, especially on those who don’t understand Samoyeds. It’s a vocal breed.


Sammies are very sociable dogs and can confidently walk into the crowd; love humans and get on with any creatures, even cats, if cats live with them.


Sammies attract lots of attention and like it, definitely extraverts. People often stop their cars to ask questions and pay them compliments.

As a breeder I gave my puppies a good start in life and give guarantees to provide a healthy member of your family: emotionally, physically and mentally, and I feel responsible, passionate to keep in touch with new pup’s families and work together to raise healthy dogs to enjoy our lives with them.



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