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 My name is Karen Hodson and I have been breeding cats for 20 years. I am a breeder of Bengal and Savannah cats, it is my hobby and passion. I am not a commercial breeder.  I specialise in breeding rosetted snow Bengals namely the seal lynx, seal mink and seal sepia including the snow charcoal Bengal.

 I also breed brown spotted and seal lynx snow Savannah cats.  I do not outcross these cats but do Savannah to Savannah matings to ensure we retain their wild looks.

 I do not have a lot of cats but breed for quality from the very best cats possible and monies from sales go back to my cats to improve their well being.

 All my kittens are home reared and are well socialised, they are vaccinated, registered and vet checked before leaving us at 13 weeks of age.

 Bengals and Savannahs have always been bred to retain the look of their wild ancestors combined with the temperament of loving family pets.

[email protected]   www.tarantela.co.uk   tel. 01514208510

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