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Established in 2005 our cattery Witchfyre Siberians has been showing and breeding the Siberian Cat for over twelve years.

If you are looking for 'dial a kitten' or want to join a list that charges £100 or more, our cattery is not for you. We do not take advance payments for pet kittens as this ties up potential adopters and prevents them from finding their true' soul kitty'.


Let the kitten pick you. If our kitties don't bond this time you can try again until the magic happens.

NEVER pick a pet kitten for you.

Need to meet and greet you before you meet the kittens. If we feel you are not ready for a kitty right now, don;t be too down; we will help you resolve any issues for the future.

Charge a fair price - no silly money; we do not run as a business, we are just a hobby breeder only having a few kittens each year for our next generation.

Occationally have breeding/show kittens available to very commited homes - have a chat and see if you fit the bill :)


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