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I am an in-home breeder of (DNA Health clear) Cockapoo's based in Yorkshire.  All my puppies are extensively trained before they leave to their new homes to ensure the new owners have a smooth transition.

Whiskey: F1 stud (Working Spaniel/Mini Poode) Pale Apricot
     DNA Clear: PRA PrCD, DM & FN  (Stud fee £300)
Truffles: F1 (Show Spaniel/Toy Poodle) Phantom
     DNA Clear: PRA PrCD, DM & FN
Brandy: F1b (Working Spaniel/Mini Poodle) Apricot
     DNA Clear: PRA PrCD, DM & FN

It is important to know that my Cockapoos live in our family home, not in pens outside/inside.  Our pups are brought up inside a busy, family environment around children and other animals.

Please take a look at my website or find my page Whiskeys Cockapoos on facebook for further details. 

You can also join me on my facebook club page - Cockapoo & Labradoodle Puppy Club where you will find other excellent, ethical (in-home breeders only) of Doodle puppies.

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