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SapphireFolds is a small TICA registered cattery. We only have limited number of kittens a year and they all raised at home enviroment. We work very hard to match each kitten ith a compatible home, so please e-mail us a little about yourleslves.

When people looking to buy Scotish I strongly advice them to ask about parents genetic test called PKD (Polycistic kidney Disease) as every breed rund sertain genetic problems and our kittens healyh is priority! This genetic illness will kill kitten very early!Parents also screaned for Feline Leucemia and Feline immunodeficiency virus (FELV/FIV)

Genesis Bariel is Tica and International Champion, my cats meet perfect pedigree standart and they bread corrrectly as required by legal cat association.

My house is CCTV monitored and kittens are raised in busy household with loads of love and affection. They will leave fully vaccinated for herpes and calcivirus (cat flue), enteritis and leukemia. They will be neutered, wormed and flead, litter and scratch post tarined, 4 weeks free pet insurance, 5 generations pedigree document, Infomation how to look after the baby, lifelong support from us and a goody bag with Royal canin food, their favourite blanket and couple toys.

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