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With over 20 years of experience in breeding Siamese, I strive above all else to produce healthy and highly socialised traditional Siamese. To breed cats with exceptional eye colour and pedigrees that are almost pure 24 seal, the true traditional Siamese colour, like the Siamese that use to be seen in the movies! Cats that will run to you, talk to you, play fetch and go on a lead for walks (if you think Im kidding about going for walks, well you should see my stud boy he loves it, and I think every person that sees it stops and stares! Bit different to a Chihuahua). This is what I try to achieve with my cats. They grow up in the family home, which includes a whippet who thinks she is a Siamese..... I have cats in the UK, Switzerland, America, Jersey, Guernsey, and soon Italy. If you are interested then please feels free to contact me. I take pre birth booking, but no deposits are taken until you have come to see the kittens and I have been able to meet you! All of the pictures i use have not been colour enhanced. Feel free to visit my Facebook Page //

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