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Bluducati Birmans We are Small time breeders of 17 years we started with a blue point girl called Sky and her breeder asked me if I would like her sister called Lulu a year later as she was giving up breeding and wanted to make sure Lulu had a good home, sadly we lost Lulu the beginning of this year aged 16 years she is still very much missed. We mated Lulu and gained four kittens one of which we kept her name is Tika it was with Tika we tried our luck at showing, Tika had a red card day at her first show and gained her CH ship in the next three shows Tika went on to win lots of CC and gained overall BIS, she is now well retired at 15 years just like her Daughter, Bluducati Rockonannie who is now 11 years we took Annie to the Supreme GCCF show it was our first time at this show Annie won her open class got Best of Breed and went onto get Best of Variety it made her up to a Champion and got Annie her first Grand Champion CC she has many CC and a few BOV. We have a couple more oldies that have done just as equally as good as Annie. But now we are more interested in looking at the inbreeding of our cats than the showing side we have brought a stud boy from the CZ Republic after searching through what seemed to be hundreds of pedigrees and trying to find a breeder who was willing to keep him until all his test were complete as we did not want to him put into quarantine at such a young age. We now have our blue point boy Dareios Laty Mery he has been with us for two years and has given us some lovely kittens that can be seen on our website. We live in a beautiful part of the country in North Devon on the out skirts of a small Village we have an acre of ground around our bungalow of which Pete has put up a six foot fence with an overhang it covers well over half of our garden making it all safe for our cats to come and go from the bungalow it comes in handy being married to an X carpenter. Our cats are all well looked after and quite spoiled they have good food and wormed regularly as they tend to catch the odd vole. We have a few pictures of our garden on our website at News We now also have a Seal Boy called Boyce to join Dareios and I will enter him very soon.

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