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I have been breeding Birmans for 16 years. My first Birman was a Seal Point girl. I was attracted by her expressive blue eyes, personality and laidback temperament. Birmans love people and are very sociable. I currently have a variety of colours available, including Creams, Blues, Reds, Torties and a Seal Tabby. Sarmoyah Birmans is the home of Grand Champion Sarmoyah Sun God (Cream 13c7) (home bred), Grand Champion Sarmoyah Chiquita (Seal Tortie Tabby 13c16) (home bred), Champion Sarmoyah Rhapsody (Chocolate 13c3) (home bred), Grand Champion Dalteema Stardust (Seal Tortie 13c6) and Champion Sarmoyah Amira (Seal 13c1) (home bred). All kittens are home-reared and are socialised from an early age. They are confident and are relaxed as a result of personal contact. All enquiries welcome.

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