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My goal at Kiska Siberians is to raise and produce the highest quality pure Siberian kittens for show, pet and occasionally breeding and to promote the Siberian breed in the UK. Here at Kiska Siberians our Siberian cats are firstly our beloved pets and a select number of them form the foundation of our breeding program. Our girls have the run of our home and enjoy plenty of day-to-day special attention from myself, my children and Jasper the over-protective family dog. They have their own balcony outside my bedroom window where they can watch the local wildlife in complete safety and they also have their own outside cat runs, which allows them a convenient way to get out and really stretch in their enclosed outdoors area. Our boy Siberians have their own rooms and outside runs of their own also for plenty of fresh air and room to move and stretch out like the females. Here at Kiska Siberians are proud members of: The International Cat Association (TICA) (Registered Cattery) The Siberian Cat Club The UK`s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) FelisBritannica (FIFe) (Registered Cattery) The Semi-Longhair Cat Club Felis Britannica Viking Cat Club All of our Siberian kittens will be registered with TICA.

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