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About us I am a small breeder of Australian Labradoodles. I live in the Cambridgeshire country side with my family and beautiful Labradoodles. I first became aware of Australian Labradoodles whilst looking for a family pet several years ago,I found our wonderful boy Finley and from that moment on I was smitten and totally hooked on this awesome breed. What makes us special? Well first of all we have chosen our breeding dogs with great care ensuring that they are of sound temperament, fully health checked, colour and coat type is sustained and we provide help and support for our prospective puppy owners to make a sound purchase decision. We continue to give help and support as long as it may be needed. Health testing All our breeding Australian Labradoodle boys and girls are fully health tested. Our dogs are Hip scored, Elbow scored, BVA eye tested ,Pra-prcd DNA eye tested and vwd tested. Never accept any excuses from breeders who do not health test their breeding dogs. It should be of up most importance to you as the new owner of a beautiful new puppy as it is to me as a breeder and lover of this amazing breed. Giving our puppies the best start in life... We always ensure that our puppies get the best possible start in life. The puppies are born into a loving, clean, warm, safe environment where they are exposed to the hustle and bustle of our everyday family life, children, teenagers not to mention the hoover and washing machine! so they will be well prepared for all the normal household sounds that they will experience in their new family home. The puppies will always have one of the most important things a puppy can have and that is love and attention . When it comes to the time when our puppies have to leave us to go to their new family homes they will have a full veterinary health check, have been wormed every 2 weeks from birth and flea treated. Our pet puppies are spayed/neutered as part of the ESN scheme. When they come to you we feel confident that we will have done everything possible to ensure you are purchasing a happy healthy well adjusted puppy. Allergies Because Australian Labradoodles have low shedding coats with less dander they can do well with families who are more sensitive to dogs that shed hair.

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