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Siberian Huskys

We are big Lovers of the Siberian Husky Breed having owned them for many years shown and breed too. We have 9 Siberian Husky and a Huskamute we rescued. We Have 3 Boys Echo Grey & White bi eyed Kaos Red & White (we bred) blue eyed Kodi Grey & White (huskamute) brown eyed We rescued Kodi just hours before death. He was born with a deformed front leg. Kodi is just a lovely playful joy to have around he does not let his deformity stop him from exploring the world. We Have 7 Girls Skye Red & White blue eyed Baby Black & White bi eyed Gypsy Pure White blue eyed Dream Pure White blue eyed Shiloh Black & White blue eyed Ezmay Grey & White blue eyed Meka Grey & White blue eyed All our pack live in doors and so do our pups.

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