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Licensed by Cornwall Council - Licence no: LI18_006854

Our first Labradoodle was Toby, a UK cream standard F2 who is now almost four years old. We knew almost as soon as we had Toby that we would like another Labradoodle and a year later Chloe, his half sister, a UK cream standard F2b arrived. I was very privileged as Chloes breeder allowed me to be present at her birth. The wonderful temperament of both of their dams and the amazing experience of being involved in her birth made me start to contemplate breeding Labradoodles. I feel that there are many advantages to having a homebred puppy rather than one from a more commercially oriented enterprise. In particular, there is the opportunity for much greater socialisation in a family environment which prepares the puppy for its future home and family life. This makes it much less likely that a puppy will end up in a rehoming centre as a concientious breeder will ensure that its future home is appropriate and that its new family realises the commitment involved and the specific needs of their puppy.  Having considered all the implications of letting Chloe have a litter of puppies, I decided that as she has such a wonderful temperament and makes such a lovely family pet, I would like other families to enjoy having such a marvellous dog. I therefore started to look for a stud dog that would complement Chloe. Whilst doing this, I discovered the miniature Australian Labradoodle and fell in love with them so, after an extensive search, Freya, who is only 15" high at the shoulder, joined the family in June 2011.  Freya is a lovely little girl and despite her size is a proper dog and a real character.   She has all the same wonderful qualities as the bigger dogs but with the added advantage of being able to fit easily on my lap for a cuddle which she loves.   In 2015 Rupert, a miniature Australian labradoodle registered on the ALAA, joined the gang and has sired some beautiful litters.  Chloe, Freya, Keira and Rowan (Chloe's daughter and granddaughter) have now retired but are still  much loved family pets.  The Divadoodles line is being continued by Mollie, Freyas daughter.   Our puppies are only available as family pets.All of our pups will be microchipped and registered on the Kennel Club Activity Register and will only be available as family pets.

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