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We are small hobby breeders at DarrasDoodles, at our hone in the Darras Hall Estate, Ponteland, Northumberland. We have had several beautiful, low shedding, hypoallergenic litters from our 3 delightful pet bitches, Daisy our white & apricot Goldendoodle, Isla our black Standard Poodle, and Sky our adorable Bichon Frise. Daisy has had F1b and F2 black, dark brown, white and fawn Doodle pups, both standard and miniature. Isla had 2 litters of black F1 Doodles. Sky had a litter of beautiful Poochons.

We have received many recommendations on our pups' great temperaments, friendly behaviour and handsome looks! Bailey, our chalk & fawn Labrador has serviced both bitches and is becoming quite the pro at playing Dad, when he is not chasing rabbits or snoozing! At Darras Doodles we pride ourselves on our litters, making sure each puppy is cared for, cuddled repeatedly and loved, as much as we dare, before handing them over to you. Our puppies are fully wormed, vet-checked, first vaccination and nearly house-trained before they leave.

We love to hear how our past litters are getting on and welcome a message from our Doggy Friends on Facebook. Add Sally Patterson. We often have our former pups return to us for hoteling at holiday times. We love to keep in touch with all our Doggy Family! We offer a lifetime of advice and help. We got into Doodles when we saw, fell in love with, and acquired Daisy, one of our good friend Nicola's litters. I used to suffer with animal allergies but nevertheless have had several shedding Labradors.

My wife grew up with Poodles. By the way, contrary to popular belief, Auzzie Wally Conron was not the first to coin the name Labradoodle. Sir Donald Campbell owned a curly, black Doodle called Maxie in the 1950s and in his book 'Into The Water Barrier' he provides a photograph, which can be found on the Web. Bluebird speedboat is being restored after that fateful crash, in a barn nearby.

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