Shelly Betts

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Although I have been in Cavaliers for 5 years, I have been involved with dogs for over 30 years and trained as a fully qualified dog groomer sitting my exams - living in Southport/Liverpool. I am an accredited breeder because I believe in health tests and giving my pups as good a start as possible. I am a small time breeder (one litter a year) and love to show my dogs in England, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. But they are always my pets first. I originally started showing dogs 20 years ago and showed Dobermans and a Giant Schnauzer who had 2 RCCS. I then took time out to start a family. As my sons reached their teens, I decided to get a nice family dog and bought Freedom, my 9 year old Tri bitch. She had been rehomed 3 times and had been used for constant breeding, and she was a nervous wreck when we brought her home (with papers). We had her spayed and started agility with her. She soon went to the top of her class and was used as a display dog. She was very good - until she spotted a butterfly! (still an obsession, even after 5 years). She then had to have an operation for cancer but bounced back and still has clear heart and eyes at 9 years old. Good luck to all our friends in & out of the show ring for 2011 and the future. Best wishes to all Shelly & Peter.

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