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My husband and myself live together with our 12 standard poodles. We live in a semi rural area of Bedfordshire. I was a part time dog groomer, working from home. Our daughters have now left home and I have aquired their pets too, a rabbit and cat. Mike has his honey bees and chickens. I have had poodles all my life, from the age of six I had my Janie a white miniature, always having the smaller poodles until fourteen years ago when Mike bought me my first standard Jasmine, I now have three generations of black breeding. Chesmintar Jacobs Dream, is Jasmines grandson and was shown at Crufts 2012. My new girl is Faith a beautiful white girl of Pinafore and Canen lines, she has also been in the show ring. Faith has had a litter (9th June 2012), of apricot puppies and Lacey, Libby and Isaac have stayed with us. Libby had a litter of 11 black puppies 2014. Faith has just had her second and last litter of 8 puppies, I will be keeping the only red in her litter a male who is unrelated to all apricots and reds in the UK (unless sired by Puddle). Isaac is a apricot/cream boy out of Faith and a red sire, he is health tested and up for stud. Theo out of Libby and Jasper is a black with no Kaylens in his pedigree, I will be health testing him 2015 and he will be for stud. I breed every other year normally, and always keep at least one pup. My dogs are my life, there is nothing better than sitting with a glass of wine in the field with all my dogs running together, my idea of heaven.

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