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We can now offer two standard sized labradoodles and one parti standard poodle for stud. The labradoodles we have bred ourselves and have 5 generations here so really do know and trust their family trees. Our lovely boy Buddy, Amarante You ve Got A Friend age 3 is black and his son Amarante Yogi Bear is double chocolate.  

Yogi has a fantastic hip score of 7 (3.4) and elbow score 0. Buddy has a good hip score of 11 (5:6), elbow score 0 and both have a current clear BVA eye certificate (July 2016). They are both very affectionate dogs, good with children and other dogs. They have lovely soft curly non shedding coats. Buddy has produced some large litters of chocolate, cream, apricot, blue, silver and black puppies, some with white markings ie white bibs.  Both dogs are fertile and have produced large litters.  

We have over 11 years experience of breeding labradoodles so would offer pregnancy, whelping and puppy raising advice if necessary. Please see my gallery for photos or our website or give me a call on 079 7479 6289 or 01953 451297 for further details or to arrange a visit to meet us and our dogs. All our 9 dogs live in our house and are our pets and family members first.

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