Jeanette Pezare

We breed Smooth Fox Terriers on our small farm on the Devon/Somerset Border. Our Fox Terrier girls are here to be met & have lovely temperaments. Our Terrier boy is also here & is so friendly & loyal. We only have 1 litter a year & all our pups are brought up indoors & happily live with our 4 cats. Smooth Fox Terriers are an endangered Native Breed & we believe they should be saved & promoted, they are such fun dogs & are suitable for Town or Country. Fox Terriers are fantastic family dogs, friendly, fun & playful. All our dogs go showing & Terrier racing & give us so much fun & pleasure. Smooth Fox Terriers are easy to keep & are loyal lifetime companions. WE ALSO OFFER FREE HOLIDAY BOARDING FOR ALL OUR PUPPIES AT ANY TIME AT HOME WITH US.

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