June Woolliscroft

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

We have owned, bred and showed Staffordshire Bull terriers for over 40 years. I have bred a Champion Stafforsdshire Bull terrier, "Hillanvale Destiny" and made a Champion "Scarthwaite Rema" and in partnership my daughter Jane and Linda Plimbley made up Champion "Princess Pappillon" and gained a stud book number with "Hillanvale Painted Lady" I have bred a Champion English Bull terrier "Hillanvale Snow King" and gained a stud book number with "Hillanvale Heavens above" I am a championship show judge of Staffordshire Bull terriers and listed with the kennel club to award challenge certificates. All of of my Staffordshire Bull terriers are health tested clear for L2 HC and PHPV. More recently we have succesfully bred a litter of Bulldogs We are a small kennel and all puppies are home reared.

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