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We are a small-holding specialising in breeding top quality Labradoodles, Floodles and Partbred Andalucian Horses. Our dogs are all our family pets, daily companions and have have been chosen to have the best possible temperaments. Vicky is a veterinary nurse and has been breeding dogs and horses for 15 years. Many of our animals have wins in the showring and in working competitions. We understand the importance of correct conformation and action, and we take pride in breeding strong, sound puppies who can go on to enjoy anything required of them. Labradoodles make great family pets, so a happy, calm and loyal temperament is very important. Our dogs enjoy everything we do on the farm - they come out with our horses and carriages, round up the chickens, sit with the cats and go for rambling walks over the downs. This ensures we know that they have the sort of temperament we want to pass on to future generations of puppies, so we can be proud to call our puppies Blodwens doodles. Our unique floodles are the result of crossing our poodle girls with our own working gundog Pip the flatcoat retriever. He is a wonderful, fun and loyal dog who passes his fantastic nature on to all his pups. All our dogs are here for you to meet and you are welcome to come for a walk with the dogs to chat about whether you think one of our pups is the right dog for you. We want you to be sure you are choosing the right pup for the right reasons. Our pups are very special and we want to be sure they go to the right homes

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