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Our love of Golden Retrievers began in 1998 when Ulay, a 6 week old Guide Dog puppy came into our lives. Ulay was the 3rd Guide Dog Puppy for us to rear and she charmed us from the day she arrived to the day she left to start her formal guide dog training at a year old. We were heartbroken at parting with her but so proud of her when she qualified as a fully fledged Guide Dog. Ulay worked until recently and now is enjoyimg a well-earned retirement. Our 4th Guide Dog puppy, Jean, never intended to work for a living so after a failed attempt at training her she came back home and helped to rear another 3 Guide Dog puppies who all went on to become fully fledged Guide Dogs. Jeans greatest joy is swimming and generally living the good life as our much loved oldest golden. In 2002 we purchased Piper (Linirgor Golden Chanter) - our first boy, he is a real character who is full of fun and handsome too. He attracts attention wherever he goes with his good looks and A1 temperarment. The baby of our Golden family is Lois (Messano Nelly Moser) who was purchased from the Messano kennel in 2004. Lois is our first real `show golden` and we have been pleased with her results at open show level. Lois is a beautiful bitch with a temperament to match. She adores cuddles particularly if she can suck a soft toy at the same time (one of her little idiosyncrasies). She loves to hold things and often finds an empty plastic bottle or the longest and heaviest fallen tree branch to carry when we are out walking. With the encouragement of Lois`s breeders, Julie & Paul Seamons, we made the big decision to breed a litter from Lois. We have plenty of experience of rearing puppies from 6 weeks old but breeding is a new experience for us so we have followed to the letter the advice we got from Paul & Julie. Lois produced a healthy litter of quality puppies and proved herself an excellent mum. All the puppies now have homes arranged. We have always endeavoured to give our dogs an interesting and stimulating life and to that end they have veen invloved with obedience classes and more recently gundog training classes - it has been gratifying to see that they do possess the basic instinct for what they were originally bred for and to witness a gradual improvement in their enthusiasm and ability to retrieve. Our `goldens` are however first and foremost our family pets, all having their own very individual personalities and qualities whlst retaining the typical character of this lovely breed

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