The UK Australian Labradoodle Club was Founded by Rais Doodles, Manorborn and Doodledoos, to link up with Australian Labradoodle Lovers Worldwide, and to promote and encourage other breeders to carry out the mandatory health tests on parent dogs, before breeding. We have pledged to ONLY breed from dogs of sound temperament, disposition and with good health test results. Together with our Members we honour the UKALC strict Codes of Conduct and only breed from DNA Profiled/ASD Endorsed dogs of sound temperament and superior quality. For AUTHENTIC,QUALITY ASD Labradoodle puppies that make ideal family pets/Assistance/Therapy Dogs, look NO FURTHER than the UKALC. The UKALC is a place for Members of the Public to find good, reputable breeders displaying integrity and transparency who put the health and well-being of their dogs and puppies as a top priority, and who offer to give a lifetime of support and advice to puppy owners. We purpose to bring clarity and simplicity to those seeking a truly awesome Labradoodle puppy, PURE and SIMPLE for ALL. The UK Australian Labradoodle Club specialises in the Australian Labradoodles and Australian infused Labradoodles. Puppies are microchipped, given their first vaccinations and also spayed/neutered. The UKALC welcomes new Member Breeders, provided they are willing to submit copies of their Health Testing documents for each litter they produce and Pedigrees for Australian Labradoodle Authenticity. Our Members have Puppies available.

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