Living in one of the most beautiful rural places in South Scotland,its the perfect environment for our dogs as they love the beach, lochs and walks up through the open fields. Having had working Labradors in the family for generations, our experience and knowledge allows us to make experienced judgements on breeding for sound temperament and good health. Most people are looking for loyal, family friendly companions and the Labradoodle is an ideal breed. Since our first experience of the breed over ten years ago, we have learnt so much about them and we have had great feedback from families who have had a puppy from us. Our experience enables us to advise on which type of Labradoodle will be most suitable for you, there are many variations on size and coat type and its best to have a good idea before making the big step in purchasing a puppy. We have generation breeding papers for our Labradoodles - with the breed not recognised by the kennel club this is something that not all breeders can offer. We know the bloodlines of our Doodles and can show both parents at home. The puppies are given the best start in life with a loving environment, worming program and vet check. We hope to find ideal loving homes for the puppies we breed and will offer support throught the dogs life - we always welcome a visit or pictures once the puppy reaches adulthood.

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