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German Shorthaired Pointers

I have owned German Shorthaired Pointers for almost 30 years., My first dog was bought purely as a pet, but it was not long before his working instincts led me into the world of working gundogs. I also started to show him, with a moderated amount of success. Six years later I bought my first bitch, still with a great interest in both the working and show side of the breed, but this also allowed me to breed a litter of my own - this was the start of Heathermark GSP, over 20 years ago. I have enjoyed a reasonable amount of success in the show ring, making up 2 homebred dogs into Show Champions, but all the time still working the same dogs on a regular basis on local shoots. I also judge the breed at Championship level. I tend not to be as actively involved with showing the dogs now, but still have a great many days out working with them each shooting season. We start with grouse in September and carry on through to the end of January with pheasant. Two years ago I bought in Birkenwald Borris, a very handsome black and white dog, who has brought with him a superb temperament and an incredible amount of working talent, but he is also a very loving dog and has been a great asset to my kennel. While I still hope to produce GSP of enough quality to hold their own in the show ring my priorities lie with their working ability, temperament and trainability.

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